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Christadelphian Hall, Creswell Road, Clowne, S43 4LS


3pm  Breaking of Bread Service

5pm  Public Bible Talk 



8pm  Bible Class

Bible Hour Subjects

Sundays 5-6pm

God willing

November 2023

5th    Bible archaeology - Jericho

12th   The Bible in a nutshell

19th   Jesus and his message through parables

26th   Why should I believe the Bible?

December 2023

3rd    Behold I come as a thief

10th   Bible teaching about the devil

17th   Coming soon - The coronation of the King of the World

24th   Will there ever be peace?

31st   The truth about hell

January 2024

7th    Israelis, Arabs and Palestinians. Will Live in Peace

14th  World Empires Foretold

21st   The Man Jesus

28th   Jesus the Son of God

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