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Your invitation to a special public talk:

JERUSALEM in Bible Prophecy

on Tuesday 2nd October,  7.30 - 9.00 pm  
God willing
at Clowne Heritage High School
(Comms Building),
Boughton Lane,  Clowne   S43 4QG

Nearly two thousand years ago the Jewish people were driven out of the land of Israel by the armies of the mighty Roman Empire. The Jews were scattered throughout every country of the world. Whilst Jerusalem, their ancient capital city, stood neglected, the wandering Jews were subjected to persecution and even attempts to eradicate them from the face of the earth. 

Yet the Jews survived. In modern times the nation of Israel has been reborn against all the odds and amidst strong opposition from neighbouring countries. In 1967 they regained control over Jerusalem. Recently Donald Trump, the president of America, recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. International condemnation followed and protests took place around the world.

Why is Jerusalem such a problem?  What is the secret of Israel’s success?  Why has the nation of Israel come into existence in modern times?  Why is Jerusalem such a “burdensome stone” for the nations of the world?
We believe the Bible holds the answer.

We invite you to come to an exciting Bible talk to discover the history of Jerusalem through the lens of the Bible. Discover how the Bible predicted, thousands of years in advance, the revival of the nation of Israel and the role that modern events will play in paving the way for the return of Jesus Christ to establish the Kingdom of God on the earth.

The talk is free and you are very welcome to join us to learn more about the Bible.


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