Clowne Christadelphians - Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness
The History of Christadelphians in Clowne
On June 29th 1924, John Greaves, a prior member of the United Methodist Free Church was baptised as a Christadelphian at Skegness Ecclesia. He was in Skegness for health reasons but his home was in Clowne.
During April 1931, 3 of his relatives, who all lived in Clowne, were also baptised and in May, 1931, the Clowne Christadelphian Ecclesia was established.

For some time the ecclesia met in a rented room in the Co-operative Hall or in each others homes. 
The photograph is of the Old Co-operative grocery
Over the years there were various changes in membership due to marriages, deaths and people moving to and from Clowne.


In July 1941 the ecclesia started to meet at 86 North road.

In 1951 the ecclesia hired a room at the Co-operative Hall and by 1955 the membership had grown to sixteen.
 Another image of the Co-operative Hall.


In the late fifties, the ecclesia started to consider building their own Ecclesial Hall.

A plot of land was found on Creswell Road. Second hand bricks were bought at a discount and the old mortar cleaned off them ready for re-use. Second hand railway sleepers were also used in the construction.

The picture shows the building partially constructed.

On November 26th 1960, the new ecclesial hall was opened.

The Christadelphian hall in its early days.

The following years witnessed a number of baptisms, which, together with other members joining from other ecclesias over those years brought the numbers to 30.

A photograph taken from inside the meeting room.

A later photograph of the hall from the front. The garden had now been turned to lawn. The extension had been built to the side enabling the old front door to be converted into a noticeboard.
In 1995 the area to the front was converted into a carpark.

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